Villa Verecondi Scortecci


A shared love for beauty and the art of hospitality are the main strengths of Azzolina and Alvina, the mother-daughter team that works in perfect harmony to provide their guests with a magical experience. Immersed in the UNESCO heritage site of the beautiful Prosecco Hills, Villa Verecondi Scortecci welcomes you!

The inner spaces have been completely restored according to authentic 17th-century style, welcoming you with a unique, awe-inspiring atmosphere. “We wish to preserve the historical and territorial identity. This is more than a hospitality and event facility, it is a home and we hope to preserve its intimacy!”

The Verecondi Scortecci Family

Villa Verecondi Scortecci was born as a country house for the noble Verecondi Scortecci family. Countess Azzolina degli Azzoni Avogadro, who comes from an illustrious aristocratic family in Treviso, is married to Alvin Verecondi Scortecci and has three children: Alvina, Lorenzo, and Vera.

Their great love for the house and the land inspired Countess Azzolina and her daughter Alvina to open the family Villa for use in hospitality, re-adapting three apartments and three suites, as well as organizing weddings, events, photo shoots, and much more… We want our guests to feel at home.

Famiglia Verecondi Scortecci

Our History

Villa Verecondi Scortecci was built in Colle Umberto at the foot of the Venetian Prealps, located between Vittorio Veneto and Conegliano in a predominantly agricultural area famous for the production of Prosecco. Originally known as “Colle”, precisely because of its position perched atop the hill, it assumed its current name in 1867 after a visit from the King of Italy, Umberto I.

The Villa was born in the area known as “il poggio” and has followed a continuous evolution that stretches from the Middle Ages to the present day. The Villa enjoys a strategic position between beautiful Venice and the pearl of the Dolomites, Cortina d’Ampezzo. The ancient medieval tower was built for military purposes by the Da’ Camino counts around the year 1000.
The Villa, meanwhile, belonged to the Venetian patrician Count Giovanni Gamba, a member of an illustrious family of merchants and bankers. Towards the end of the 1500s, he asked the architect Vincenzo Scamozzi, a student of the great Palladio, to build a hunting lodge in Colle Umberto near the tower. 

The Villa accommodations were distributed horizontally, as dictated by the fashion of the most illustrious Palladian patrician Villas. The banquet hall was placed in the center, served by various side rooms. The walls of the hall and the adjacent rooms were embellished in the 1600s with rich stucco decorations in a variety of reliefs, giving the interior spaces a particular elegance. Today, you can still admire a plaque displayed in honor of the construction. 

In 1700, the central construction of the chapel dedicated to the “Madonna della Salute”, also known as the “Oratorio della Beata Vergine della Mercede”, was added to the main body of the Villa. The park was designed in 1743. At the end of the 1700s, it passed from the Gamba family of Venetian counts to the Cattaneo Onesti counts of Milan, who held it until the end of the 1800s. In 1838, they added the farmhouse, the stables, and other areas for agricultural equipment. It was subsequently obtained by the Lucheschi counts. 

For about a year, from October 1917 to October 1918, the Villa was requisitioned as the headquarters of the Austro-Hungarian supreme command, which covered all the stuccoed walls with black pitch. It is unclear whether this gesture was meant to destroy the Villa’s beauty or had some other purpose, but the pitch ended up preserving the stuccos. On a small part of the Villa walls, you can still see the signatures left by soldiers. The 1936 earthquake caused the farmhouse to collapse, and another was built a little further away. 

In 1945, it was purchased by the Verecondi Scortecci counts. In 2014, Villa Verecondi Scortecci was entirely restored by Countess Azzolina degli Azzoni Avogadro and her daughter Alvina, opening the doors of the house for hosting events and hospitality, re-adapting three apartments and three suites. It is currently included in the catalog of Historical Villas found in the Veneto Region.

What we offer

The Villa offers enchanting Suites and luxury Apartments for a dream vacation! We have a total of 19 beds available. Our guests can also use the wellness area: hot tub, sauna, and Turkish bath. The garden includes an infinity pool with breathtaking views. During your stay, you can enjoy unforgettable experiences, from cooking classes to wine tastings.

We also organize weddings, receptions, events, meetings, and company dinners. The consecrated chapel is located in a park of oaks and cypresses, available for religious ceremonies such as weddings and baptisms. It is also possible to get married in a civil ceremony, thanks to the Villa’s status as a municipal building.

The various, entirely stuccoed, halls of the Villa and the gardens are the ideal settings for filming and photo shoots. One special feature of the Villa is the infinite number of hidden corners, starting from the medieval period with modern touches that merge into a single reality. The old cellar, with its large, fully equipped professional kitchen, is the perfect location for show cooking and is internally connected to the central Villa. The large park is ideal for exhibitions and performances.