Prestigious Villa for events

The timeless elegance and style of the Villa make it the perfect prestigious location for events of all kinds, from the most intimate celebrations to large corporate meetings. The park, the ancient gardens, and the magnificently frescoed halls are spectacular settings for any special occasion.

Private events

Villa Verecondi Scortecci is a slice of heaven surrounded by greenery, ideal for celebrating your birthday, anniversary, graduation, engagement, or any other important occasion.

Meetings & Business Dinners

Organize your business dinners and engage your audience in a historic Villa. The old cellar, halls, and garden are all available.

Photographic Services & Film and Advertising

Take advantage of the magical atmosphere at Villa Verecondi Scortecci for your photo shoot or filming project. The various, entirely stuccoed, halls of the Villa and the meticulously groomed gardens provide the ideal setting.
The Villa has an infinite number of hidden corners with different characteristics, starting from the Middle Ages up to the 1600s, along with modern touches that merge into a single reality.

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